Perfect World Rebellion July Quiz Name the man’s job title? Give the common word? Is this an object in silhouette?  Or is it something else? What is it? What is happening here? Name the city? Which British horror films  were filmed by this studio? Name the guy that  designed this garden? Say What You See In the 1962 movie,  name the location  of this original flower? Name the movie? Name the person? Name the specific type of marshal  art that he first studied and  taught to people in a US car park? Say What You See Name the type of hat he often wore  during public appearances  later in his career? Where is this ancient kitchen from  a town once said to have been  visit by Joseph of Arimathea? How did he invent scandal in his time? What happened to  this horse in 1983? Who “gives”? Name location? How was he famously negligent? Which (usually a pair) some would  say sadomasochistic item did he  invent and “allow people to see”? Not a “Herd”  but a ????? Name the phrase? Name the location in China? What did he name “the cricket”? 21 Which British mythical character was supposed to have created  the weapon that killed  this guys gods? Name the last prisoner  held in this prison fortress? Where does the lady on the  right say she’s come from? Name this? Say What You See Name the famous find? Can you buy this in  California, USA? Say What You See True or False In this country, it is traditional and still practised as normal, that when a young man wants to marry. He can kidnap any young girl over the age of 15 take her back to his family who will keep her there until she agrees to marry. What did they claim  to have “found”  in Michigan? Why did the early Christian church denounce this man as a heretic? What unusual physical  feature do they  apparently  share? Say What You See Here is this months quiz 1st correct answer = 300 cubi Every correct answer thereafter = 40 cubi Top Prize fund = 6000 cubi + 6000 event cubi (40/40) Send Entries to Closes 1st August Name the movie? Name the cat? According to Shakespeare,  he would have given his  kingdom for one of these. However, where were his  remains recently discovered? When did he eat 50 eggs? What was this famous  ladies natural hair colour? Which 60 + year old  female magician  character is first mentioned in  the 2nd episode of this show Alphabetically,  who would be  the last 3 US  Presidents listed?