Perfect World Rebellion January Quiz 2018 Where was he born? Name the poisonous oil they contain? Name them? Name her famous boyfriend? Name the bad guys? Where in London is there a bronze statue of him? What were her 2 favourite  wall decorations? (1 point for each) Say What You See Where did this take place? Name him? Where? Identify the phrase? Name this place? Say What You See In which country is  he supposedly buried? Name the town? Name the link? In theatre terms,  what is this  part of the stage  known as? What is the final word  of the 66th book? (James 1st version) Which delicacy are breeds  of these used to search  for in parts of France? Identify the phrase? Which group killed him and when? (2 points available) Name the line? Which party decoration  did she sing about? Give its “rank”? Name the Sci fi TV show? True or False  He rescued aristocrats during the french revolution? Name the phrase? Name the profession? Say What You See What did he loose  and what did he  get back during his  time in the desert? (1 point for each) Say What You See 21 Where did he reign with terror? Name the phobia? What do prisoners always say? Say What You See What was his 1st UK hit? Say What You See What colour was his beret? What was his “nickname”? Say What You See Which “fashion” feature of the  woman he was in love with,  drove him crazy? Name her? Name the make and model  of car from the US TV show where  the car had an AI  that spoke to its driver? Name the movie? Give the phrase? Whisper whisper Whisper whisper Whisper whisper Say What You See Timing T  i m i n g The Dark Destroyer WICHITA LINEMAN Week of 4th Feb 1969  7th in UK top 10 Bombay, India Nicotine Northern Lights Richie Valens Blue Meanies Leicester Square A set of 3 flying ducks  And her Mural Luttrellstown  Castle Resort Castleknock,  Ireland Nero Memphis (Walking in Memphis) A golden key will  open any door Wrinkled stockings Elba, Italy Spirit of Ecstasy 1982 Pontiac Firebird And later 2008/2009  Ford Shelby GT500KR Lydda, Isreal “You cant just  keep us in here” Llandudno,  Wales Romania Orville Apron Medicine Gymnophobia Amen Truffles A little bird told me Gone with the wind Red Brigade, 9 May 1978 Central Line Balloons Beyond the pale King Kong He lost his “Devil Face” And regained his Wings Purple Admiral Split second timing Sapphire  and Steel False -  he was fictional Here are the answers We were looking for. Prize cubi will be Sent out within the  next few days