Which child is crying over  spilled milk? Which fictional company  do they work for? Which medical instrument  did he invent? In the original stories, how was he told  His father had died? Name the one time American governor born in the same country as Hitler? Which book, written in verse,  is about a mouse taking a  walk in a European forest? Where was he born? Say What You See Name this tiny place and the  battle that took place there in 1775? Identify the phrase? Little cakes filled with a sweet raisin  mixture and baked in a  flaky buttery crust are named after which UK town? Say What You See Give the famous line he  delivered to Christopher Guest? Where did the English king,  found buried under a car park,  die? How big is a horses hand? This is the largest, name the  others that belong in the group? Which, now common word  for “Wine”, originated here? Name the historical figure? What legend on the main land,  tells of why it is safe to live on  this island but none of the others? What is 1648 in Roman numerals? Name the easy to  operate ancient invention  that allows people  to see through  solid walls? Name the word? Give the common phrase? Name the artist? 21 Name the city? What was he the first to  describe in written scientific texts? How old was he when he  did the Michael Jackson thing? Name the article of  clothing named after him? Say What You See A guy with no nose has an  unhealthy obsession with a teenage boy. Translate the number  from Spanish to English? What links these 4 buildings? Say What You See Name this location? What did she apparently  make the 1st of? It had 13 and 13 then though. Which of these is “ancient”? Which country originated  this type of window covering? Say What You See Name the movie/s? Who was the tallest of his merry men? What does his “Hamster”  turn out to really be? How big does he say this spaceship is? Where is it’s “coffin”? What is a collector of these called? Name the famous general? 1 2 3 4 2 points available How many books 10 inches,  by 4 inches by half an inch,  can you fit into an empty bag  40 inches by 20 inches by 40 inches? Here is the Tax Buster Quiz Answers 1st correct answer = 500 gold Every correct answer thereafter = 80 gold Top Prize Fund  (41/41) = 10000 gold + 10000 event gold Entry now closed ANSWER  All are in the style “Art Deco” ANSWER  Cardigan ANSWER  Number 2 ANSWER  Reynholm Industries ANSWER  Stethoscope ANSWER  Killed and baked in a pie ANSWER  Arnold Schwarzenegger ANSWER  The Gruffalo ANSWER  Bombay (Mumbai) , India ANSWER  Breed's Hill, and the  Battle of Bunker Hill ANSWER  Fools Paradise ANSWER  Gopher ANSWER  1 after that it’s no longer empty ANSWER  Jahangir's Tomb  at Shahdara,  near Lahore,  Pakistan ANSWER  Eccle’s Cake ANSWER  American Flag ANSWER  Antigua = ancient in Spanish ANSWER  “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya,  you killed my father prepare to die!” ANSWER  38 After double checking the  specific dates, this answer has been corrected. ANSWER  Battle of Bosworth Field ANSWER  New York ANSWER  400 miles long By 100 miles wide ANSWER  4 inches (101.6 mm) ANSWER  Betz Cells ANSWER  The elephant in the room ANSWER  Guernsey, Alderney, Sark ANSWER  Plonk ANSWER  Florence Nightingale ANSWER  Persia ANSWER  The local witch doctor cleared only this island of evil demons banning them to the other islands, making all other islands unsafe. ANSWER  In it’s foot, The coffin bone. ANSWER  MDCXLVIII ANSWER  Dos = two ANSWER  Harry Potter movies ANSWER  William Heath Robinson ANSWER  Archtophilist or Arctophile ANSWER  Little John ANSWER  Iceberg ANSWER  Erwin Rommel ANSWER  A Window