Perfect World Rebellion august Quiz What did he invent because of a melted  chocolate bar? Which force, stops our  atmosphere floating  off into space? How many faces did  they say he had? When sound waves travel  from air to water,  what remains constant? Name the ship from  his 1900 CE expedition? Name the body of water  surrounding this place? Name the religion? Say What You See What do Arabic  numerals have that  Roman numerals don’t have? Name the song? Name the city? What was he the  1st to do to the 7th,  Spiro did it too to the 37th? Say What You See Give the current name of this country? These Hindu spirits were  born from which elements? What's love got to  do with what? Which country wanted  him to be their leader? Stop!, Why? Name location? When is a modern derision of the  ancient Persian phrase  “shah mat” used during this game? Who shot him? Which canine sounding  place was he governor of? Name the Roman emperor? Name the TV Show? Identify the country and give  the word they use for what’s  going on in the picture? 21 “Good night sweet  prince”, who said that? Which 10th century Danish leader gave  his name to some very  modern technology? Name the car she usually drives? Name the science  of colours? Say What You See Give the saying? Name the bridge? Say What You See What was he famous for? Name this group? Which game is played for money  in the public square with  the same name as this place? Who started a rebellion in a  Massachusetts town with the  same name as their home town? Say What You See Here are the answers we were looking for. All prize cubi will be sent out Within the next 72 hours To those who took part Next quiz soon. Watch this space. Name the movie? Name the missile shaped dish  popular in this country? Name the Scottish canal  that links the North sea  with the Atlantic ocean? Name the only African leader in history  to address both of these organisations? Which country has  this as it’s capitol? Where was he 1st? Papa was a what? The Rialto Bridge Chromatics The Microwave cooker Gravity 1000 The Frequency RRS Discovery The Mediterranean Sea Buddhism Zero (0) Tambourine Man Caledonian Canal Merida, Mexico Poetry Resigned Colour Guard Chess Malawi A blue convertible Roadster Clouds and water Horatio Haile Selassie It Harald Bluetooth Dr. Who Israel In the name of love Golden Gate Bridge Daniel Shays Checkmate Morocco Robert Newton Ford  (January 31, 1862 –  June 8, 1892) Make hay while  the sun shines Born Free (1966) Costa Rica “Asada” North Pole Kibbeh Gaius Julius Caesar  Augustus Germanicus "Caligula" (Meaning  "little soldier's boot") Rollin' stone Chihuahua,Mexico Now Closed To Enter