Perfect world  rebellion November Quiz What was it that he “found”? Name the missing one? Which musical instrument  is this related to? Which planet of these 2 spins the fastest? Which professions highest  award is a gold coin with the image  of someone operating one of  these on the back? According to the books, which  one has the wrong hat on  and what should he be wearing? Name this movie character? Say What You See How does she define  the Sanskrit word for “War”? Identify the children's game? Give the correct name  for this under cover  London market? Name the largest “P”  in the human abdomen? Say What You See It’s not the new one,  it’s the original. Name it? Name this band? How many people have  actually walked on this? What was the  character name  of the very  1st Head GM on PWR? It wasn’t Hermod. What did he inflate  to get all around? Name saying? Which day of the week are we  most likely to see bank robberies  occurring according to the F.B.I? What historic event  took place here? Which company produced it’s  1st lap top computer in 1984? Name the word? Name the show? Apparently, according to what  people say, which of their albums  was supposedly their most successful? 21 How are they linked by money? When her heart is  stopped between beats,  who does she finally fly  off with into time and space? The answer is not “you”. Which British town  do these originate from? Which 3 laws did he present us with? Say What You See Name the saying? Name the person  that links these images? Say What You See True or False  Snakes have scales for eye lids Where is this? Name the character  indicated? How are they related? Say What You See Here is this months quiz 1st correct answer = 300 cubi Every correct answer thereafter = 40 cubi Top Prize fund = 6000 cubi + 6000 event cubi (41/41) Now Closed Name the movie? What colour was his Dahlia? How many points does  the winner of each race get? What links them? TRUE or FALSE  They can jump forwards AND Backwards. Whom does he 1st seek advice from  regarding his wife's strange behaviour? Name the highest one  of these in Europe? ? EDDIE 2 points available P Cocoon Willow Apollo 13 The  Da Vinci  Code Ron Howard Isaac Asimov Three Laws of Robotics Jack Ma Yun Pisces     Cancer Scorpio Water Signs Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie Jupiter Earth Jupiter completes  one full rotation  every 10 Earth hours. Early printing press newspaper, magazine and  online journalism,  literature, and musical  composition in the United States Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson 1 2 The Man with the Golden Gun Francisco  Scaramanga The Arrival A desire for  more cattle I spy with my little eye Formula One 25 The Apple Market Covent Garden FALSE Snakes do NOT  have eye lids Pancreas Millau Bridge Spans the gorge valley of  the Tarn near Millau  in southern France Rabbit “Old” Zealand Bakewell, Derbyshire Bakewell Tart Royal Blood All appeared on a £5 note. Elizabeth  Fry George  Stephenson Duke of  Wellington Winston  Churchill 12 Michael  J Fox Canadian  Goose The Moon Clara Oswald “Me” or Ashildr Judge Judy Odin Hot air balloon Steve Fossett A “watched”  pot never boils Cousins Mark Viduka Luka Modric Fridays FALSE Bank Robbers Kangaroo Runnymede Signing of the  Magna Carta Red Flag Or Rag Bull Red Flag /  Rag to a Bull The 5th element Rumours Fleetwood Mac Ramona James Ellroy Joel &  Abby Hammond Santa Clarita Diet Black Haywire Hay wire Mount Etna Volcano I.B.M.