If you hold one of these in your hand, what do you have in your eye? Which number is on the  bay with the car? Trapped in a room with 3 exits Exit A leads to an inferno Exit B leads to an abyss Exit C leads to a cage of lions that haven’t eaten for 4 months. Which do you choose? Which country in the  world has the longest land  border with the country  who’s flag is shown? How many provinces  does Holland have? Name the worlds largest desert? Where are Bugatti  cars made? What is his middle name? Which US president appears  on their $100 bill? To the nearest 100,  how many trains  pass through  “Grand Central Station” each year? Say What You See Which company produces  the most tyres per year? Who made this “art”? Name this band? According to Jewish folklore,  what was the name  of Adam’s first wife? What did he invent? Name these “bad people” In the book, how does she die? Which Caribbean  island takes it’s  name from the  Spanish for “Bearded” Which car company  issued a statement earlier this year regarding the supply of armoured  limousines to this man? Name the pet? Name the medical item? Where was she born? 21 During a recent visit to the UK,  whom was he “slated” in the  News, for touching  Inappropriately, this time? Which British bank note  did she appear on? During which movie  does Darth Vader say “Luke, I am your father!”? What did he introduce into the world in 1930? Say What You See Give the word  from the dictionary? What is the missing number? Say What You See Name this clock tower? Which social movement posts these stickers on cars? According to the Bible.  How many sheep were to be  taken onto the Ark? How does he help in a  certain sport, when it rains? Say What You See Name the country? In the show, who shot him? What is the only officially  bilingual province in Canada? Which year did he “debut”? Name this country? How did this transgender activist make the news this year? In theory, could he run for  British Prime minister ,US President or  President of France? If you were here when the  Russian October  Revolution happened. Which month was is? Here is the June Quiz Answers 1st correct answer = 500 gold Every correct answer thereafter = 80 gold Top Prize Fund  (40/40) = 10000 gold + 10000 event gold  Entry now closed 9 7 4 5 5 9 ? 10 (One hundred =10 letters) Air conditioning Beauty (In the eye of the  Bee holder) 87 C,  the lions would be dead Brazil 12 Antarctica France Paul none New Brunswick November Elizabeth Tower 0 Grand Central Station Is a post office Stop a douche bag 7 Lego None Damien Hirst The Queen 2005 McFly The £10 Band age Lilith Hovercraft Pi rates custodian of the  Duckworth-Lewis-Stern  (DLS) system of adjusting  scores in international  cricket matches when  wet weather has  interrupted play Suicide Columbia Barbados Alpha Bet Montenegro Oman Shot in the leg  By a security guard Burn Jones, arranged by JR himself to frame Cliff, once JR developed terminal cancer Lab Rat door All 3 Daimler